Inpatient Artworks: Artist collective for Digital Video Production & Website Design.
Director, Writer, Cinematographer and/or Editor of over 20 short films.

Web designer for

June 2007
  "Nether" movie written and directed - 4 minute movie

June 2006
"Solid State" movie written and directed - 55 minute movie

April 2006
"Mobius Redux" movie written and directed
selected for the 3rd annual REALLY SHORT FILM FESTIVAL

March 2006 
"Mobius Redux" movie written and directed
Digital Video Presentation 

  Febuary 2006
"Corpus Callosum" movie written and directed - selected for
CAPRICON 27 Sci Fi Convention.

August 2005
Digital Video Editing for a presentation by Author Paul McComas.

March 19 th to May 14 th 2005
Group Show

Febuary 2005
Web design for Jennifer Brown &
" UNDER THE ROOT " Clothing design and manufacture.
Contact: Jennifer Brown 773-764-4893

January 2005
Digital Video Cinematography for
CANTV production of
" WONDERLAND " by Joe St. Charles and Eric Burns. Episodes: 1 and 2.

March 2004
Production designer
" Addictive Skin " art exhibition
Joseph Witkowski, Renee McGurk, Red Hot Dan, Jennifer Brown.

November 2003
Production designer
" Un-natural Habitats " art exhibition
Joseph Witkowski, Nicky Watts, Renee McGurk, Annie McGurk.


Who would have expected this schmuck to live so long?

The sad and wretched story of myself begins in 1976 in the small town of Hillsdale, New Jersey. Born to a unemployed smelt fisherman and ex-stripper at fifteen pounds, seven ounces, I was taken by cargo plane in an iron-lung to my childhood home and raised in a zen like atmosphere of tolerance and apathy. My parents were religious types, but too lazy to enforce it so they left that up to the Catholic schools and television. Consequently I was a certified atheist and emotional idiot by the age of twelve.

I studied philosophy at Loyola University under my mentor Dr. Andrew Cutrofello and became obsessed with work of Michel Foucault, Philip K. Dick, J.G. Ballard and the films of Woody Allen and David Cronenberg. It was also where I met Renee McGurk, my lifelong friend and spiritual sibling.
I experienced a tremendous amount of isolation as a child and had difficulty in the old "making friends and influencing people" department. It was probably due to Renee and her band of cohorts that I began to have experiences and eventually friendships of my own.

Most of my emotional life would seem to have been disingenuous taken from me by way of bad psychiatry and the climate of 90's Americana pop culture and the spirit of laissez-faire self-help addiction. I had been sketching since the age of three but had never applied myself to art in any serious way until my late teens. Philosophy provided a context to describe my reactions to the world and what I wanted to contribute. But without much formal training in art, I often lacked the ability to express anything. I dropped out of Columbia University's film school in the first semester. Mostly due to boredom but it was probably that scandalous affair with a wealthy board member. It was worth it, DAMMIT! In 2002 I landed a job at a downtown Chicago photolab where I met David Branch. Most of what I know about photography, techniques, including digital formats, I learned from him.

I also met my first love, Elizabeth Bertoni upon arriving in Chicago. She is a writer, also based in Rogers Park. In the Summer of 2002 we started Inpatient magazine together. As a zine I thought it had potential to rise above and proliferate but alas, money and the constraints of a paycheck to paycheck life killed it in its infancy. It did give me a chance to experiment with fiction and indulge my love of sci-fi scenario.

Because of Ms. Bertoni I also gained the friendship of Vesna Jovanovic. Perhaps one of the most dedicated artists I've ever known and an always inspiring figure in my life. We worked alot together in sketching and when I first began photography.

The greatest unresolved issue in my life's pursuits seems to be this whole identity thing. It's believed that desire comes first and identity is formed because of and to serve it. But desires are so intransient and flaky that eventually we all seem fractured and unapproachable. I think sadism in general is one of the fundamentally teasing and destructive forces of human beings, it crosses all gender and race and it permeates the ether as every element's "default opposite" and yet is what seems the obvious explanation behind what motivates the horror of late 20th century Capitalist Imperialism and Media. Advertisement and PR are what I consider the greatest evils of our time because of their self-replicating hypocrisy and infectious nature. If the world creates lies . . .then we have permission to do as well. Or at least that is what I have witnessed. Inpatient Magazine fell apart due to our inherent suspicion of using advertisements to fund it and our inability to find an alternative avenue of revenue. It makes me fear that if you're not selling, you're being sold.

I met Nicky Watts in 2003 at a party and slowly we became good friends. I've always had difficulty making friends, which is why all the people in my life are a little nuts. Nutty's being very open and fearless in their approach to people and life. We worked together on photography and she produced our first art exhibition here in Chicago at the Transmission GalleryFrank Tamas, who I met through Renee in 2000 was the production designer and music supervisor. Frank and I have a friendship  based on an artistic rivalry as well as a collaborative spirit, especially in the arena of film. He is beyond measure, the best of all possible friends and I owe him my life. All I know of music I know because of him.

In 2004, I had discovered an incredible "burn-out" feeling of malaise and despair I hadn't felt since childhood. Although Chicago had always been kind to me and offered me a life I had always wished for. I still could not bring myself to feel at home. This stranger in a strange land shit might be part of some nomadic spirit gone untouched in the last ten years. Inpatient artworks would never have been possible without the love of my friends, to whom I am forever indebted. With the advent of our third show we finally decided to take the plunge and begin filming with digital video. This screwed us financially but in the realms of art I've never felt more at home. I'd always sought permission from the wrong people to finally act on what I feel to be true. I am hoping this part of my psyche will finally die off and I can create without fear of hindrances. We are hoping video and film may be the answer to where we are and what we are trying to do.

I believe that art is the end of all loneliness. It will live on beyond us, and will eventually be our only testimony to the Universe that we are outside of death, that we create our souls and that they are communal and eternal.

-Joseph Witkowski -2004

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