www.vesnaonline.com/  -Fellow artist, friend and all around genius, Vesna Jovanovic.

www.myspace.com/frequencyclinic  -Frequency Clinic  

www.nickywatts.com - Brilliant photographer and old friend

www.paulmccomas.com  -Writer, director, actor and good friend.

www.danwallacemusic.com -Band website for Dan Wallace who worked with Joseph Witkowski on the the audio portion of "Teach Yourself French" and stars in "Solid State."

www.penguicorn.com - Friend of Jennifer Brown.

www.hoopleton.com - the modestly radical literary website of KP Dawes, writer, author and one of the founders of Inpatient Zine and the co-writer of "The Departure."

www.sharespeare-workman.com -Website and online portfolio for Mr. Robb Shakespeare. Sharks.

www.typewriterwonderland.com/home.htm   -The official website of the Chicago-based group with "fantasy-like tendencies," Typewriter!

www.martinecompton.com -coming soon!

www.a-very-sensitive-device.com  Lisa Slodki and Jon Cates, live video.

www.walkie-talkieweb.net -The Walkie-Talkies are a band from Chicago Illinois, file under electro-cabaret-thrash. The band began as a two-piece and has been playing bars, galleries, and parties for the past year. Noted for their strong lyrical deliveries, and ever-shifting soundscape of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, The group recently doubled in size, to further precipitate the sultry street wack. Appealing to all types of viewers, you may run into The Walkie-Talkies at indie-rock, hip-hop, noise, and dj venues all over town. Just watch for posters and flyers in your local hood.

www.myspace.com/thedevildolls -"The Devil Dolls: Take a mix of the HOTTEST, UNIQUE, and SKILLED performers, with talents like Choreographed dance, cheerleading, Fire Performance, Sword Swallowing, Vaudeville, Strip Tease, Fetish Performances, all with AMAZING makeup, special FX, and UNBELIEVABLE costumes and there you have it."

www.clarinabezzola.com  -Her and Nick Cave . . . fucking sweet.

www.karaandrade.com/index.html -Performance artist Regina Jose Galindo

www.osseuslabyrint.net   -Osseus Labyrint, a performance duo made up of Hannah Sim and Mark Steger, is described by the artists as a laboratory of random mutation — a manifestation of accumulated data from billions of years of evolving and recombining of matter and energy that has occurred for all things animate and inanimate to be present at this moment. Osseus Labyrint has inhabited extreme, remote, conventional and self-made environments, exhibiting, filming and building things since 1989. Osseus Labyrint's works have been presented live and broadcast throughout the U.S. and abroad.

vv.arts.ucla.edu/terminals/main.html -The Terminals project

www.mindspring.com/~sagriffin/Flanagan.html -Bob Flanagan, genius.

www.shereerose.com  -Bob Flanagan and Sheree Rose archive

www.jennykendler.com -Photographer and video artist

www.group312films.com - group312films is a not-for-profit, artists' collective of digital video and film directors who create one short, per director, per month, every month, for six months.

www.collaboraction.org - a community of artists who bring Chicago audiences original and progressive artistic experiences.

www.anatomicallycorrect.org -Art in Alternative Spaces. Chicago Based.

www.spareroomchicago.org - "Unlike traditional galleries and theaters, our cooperative gives a community of artists the space to create and exhibit interdisciplinary work on their own terms."

www.chicagofilmmakers.org -"Chicago Filmmakers is a 30 year-old media arts organization that fosters the creation, appreciation and understanding of film and video as media for artistic and personal expression, as well as media of important social and community impact. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for artists to make films outside the mainstream marketplace, to distribute and exhibit this work, as well as to build audiences and to increase media attention for it. Recognizing the impact of mass media in contemporary society, it is additionally our goal to provide culturally diverse audiences with alternative images to those reflected in mainstream media and to broaden access to media education to include those typically left out of the process."

www.centerstage.net/art/galleries/transmission-gallery.html -Info for the Transmission Gallery

www.tenseforms.com - "tense forms is sort of a record label, sort of a publisher, and sort of an art factory. basically we aspire to build a lo-fi, high-quality, handmade, community-forged, honest-to-goodness media empire. Home of the old Tundra Survey and The Treatment."

www.witness.org -WITNESS is an international human rights organization that provides training and support to local groups to use video in their human rights advocacy campaigns. Beyond providing video cameras and editing equipment, WITNESS is committed to facilitating exposure for our partners' issues on a global scale. We help broker relationships with international media outlets, government officials, policymakers, activists, and the general public so that once a video is made, it can be used as a tool to advocate for change.

www.thecorporation.com -Awesome documentary with a links to activism sites, how to make a Molotov cocktail and get a free lawyer and shit.

www.unamerican.com -Never bought a t-shirt from here but I knew the guy who ran it, fucking funny-ass website.

www.crooksandliars.com -favorite blog

www.arcgallery.org -ARC Gallery of Chicago, Illinois.

www.bookslut.com -"Bookslut is a monthly web magazine and daily blog dedicated to those who love to read. We provide a constant supply of news, reviews, commentary, insight, and more than occasional opinions. It's odd that the English language has come to a pass where having judgment has positive connotations but being judgmental is considered somehow mean-spirited. Everyone involved in Bookslut is, in their own way, judgmental. We judge with relish and glee. We believe that there is value and even virtue in this act. However, we strive not to indulge in either touchy-feely pseudo-praise or ill-intentioned and self-serving flaming. We judge, in other words, with judgment. Most of all, we love books with an almost sexual passion. We couldn't do this if we didn't. Bookslut is the creation of editor-in-chief Jessa Crispin."

www.michaelmoore.com -Speaks for itself.

www.kevinlahvic.com -Painter at Chicago's Flat Iron Building and host of the Flat Iron Summer Art Show.

www.mechanicalwhispers.com -Website of Robert Morris, New York based artist.

www.neuroticadivine.com - "A new site featuring, exclusively, the art of Dan Ouellette will be forthcoming under the URL of neuroticadivine.com. Until that time this link will remain active. Stay tuned and, oh yeah, vote Nader."

www.lacan.com/matrix.html -Article by Slavoj Zizek on why the Matrix sucks.

www.cuff.org -Chicago Underground Film Festival.

www.davidpageartist.com -David Page. Baltimore-based artist who combines S&M fetish gear with live installation and sculpture.

www.natasha-epperson.com -Photographer whom I always considered a badass.

www.zmag.org -Z magazine online. good politics. yummy.

www.leahmeyerhoff.com -Leah Meyerhoff. Website of Chicago visual and performance artist/bad-ass.

www.lithiumpicnic.com -fashion and fine art photography of the cruel and unusual kind. yummy.

www.fantasmainc.com -Website of James Fotopoulos, kick ass filmmaker and Columbia University dropout. Not many visuals but if you should happen upon a screening, he is not to be missed.

www.ctheory.net -Collection of texts concerning critical theory. Ahhh. . . .the graveyard of the post-modern.

www.talkingbirds.co.uk -Group of artists working with live site space installation. Based in England.

www.maxcita.com -Canadian Performance artist and designer of bondage gear. Also an incredibly sweet guy.

www.hermetic.com/bey/taz_cont.html -The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy and
Poetic Terrorism by Hakim Bey.

www.davidcronenberg.de -David Cronenberg, filmmaker and prophet.

www.foucault.info -Michel Foucault, the best and brightest of French Continental philosophy. Actually, the only one of those guys who doesn't piss me off.

www.fermentmagazine.org/Stories/alien.html -Duchasse Dane the theory of alienism.

www.echogallery.org -Chicago Gallery that favors the pervs.


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