Dream Entry-September 2nd 2004

I had another fun dream.  Since I remember dreams every night, I only seem to want to report the fun ones.  This dream was about a kitten named Oscar.  There was more to the dream, but I don't remember the beginning, all I remember is the part right before I woke up.  Oscar was this tiny adorable white kitty with orange patches.  He was feral and had wandered into an apartment I was visiting.  Joe pointed out that Oscar had some ear mite problems, but he was so friendly that I wanted to keep him.  I just kept cuddling him in my arms and telling Joe that although we already have two cats, we don't have any kittens. -RM



Dream Entry-June 30th 2004

I had this really fun dream a couple nights ago.  I walked into this indoor amusement park that looked kinda like a bowling alley or skating rink.  The floors were carpeted with wacky patterns and colors.  There were some high tables and chairs around.  Then we -my sisters, my mom and friends- found the main attraction which was kinda like a water park inside the body.  We were crawling up caverns and sliding down lubricated blubber/tongue-like hills and valleys.  The greatest feeling was that the sliding didn't slow down when you came to the bottom, you would just start sledding up the other side with the same velocity as going down. -RM

Diary Entry -June 4th 2004

I feel terrible. I wake up every morning feeling this way. Parts of my body are falling off, don't function, have weird discolorations and small marks everywhere. I feel like I'm rotting.

I had this dream that I was walking through a garden, in stretched for miles with various avenues and walkways, lined with pebbles and shrubbery. No flowers. It had the architecture of a Japanese garden with banzai trees and all that Feng Shui crap. I was walking with a monk. An older gentlemen, calm demeanor. We were talking inconsequentially when he asked me if I had seen the tree behind us. I had and told him so, but he asked me turn an look. I did and the tree I know we had passed was suddenly gone. I remember staring at the spot of its disappearance and trying to force my eyes to see it, and I believed that I could, and it began to re-emerge.

As we walked, suddenly he left my side and a giant pole jutted from the earth, miles in the sky. It was a crane and began throwing large slabs of marble everywhere. the people in the garden were running in panic fearing one of these slabs would land on them, I began to run in a serpentine motion hoping to avoid them. At the same time. Walls of marble would jut from the ground in sections 10-20 feet long at seemingly random places, occasionally interrupting my run. As more came out of the earth. I realized that these walls would eventually combine to surround the garden providing no exit. I ran as fast as I could to get outside the eventual enclosure. I saw one last spot in the wall that had not been filled. I ran as fast as I could and jumped through before the last slab erupted from the dirt. I turned to look at there was a circle of wall all around the garden, creating this almost dome like city with no entrance. I then turned to the outside world and realized it was night. I was the only one of the garden dwellers to make it outside, and then I suddenly realized why. The outside world had a population of zombies. these creatures where hideously desiccated and walking straight toward me. The walls of this new city were intended to keep them out and I had mistakenly gotten outside.

The dream ends as the zombies finally pounce upon me. -JW


Diary Entry -May 2nd 3002

I had this dream where I was standing in a room filled with men and women, discussing various theory on feminism and mass cultural consumption when I feel an itch in my earlobe. I begin to scratch while in a conversation with a woman, whom I do not recognize and is completely ignoring my distress with my ear. I finally begin picking vigorously at the itch, until I break the skin and black oil seeps onto my hand. I'm panicked now, but no one seems to notice.

Under the skin of my earlobe is a black seed pod which eventually comes loose and falls to the floor. It then erupts into a swarm of small bugs that multiply at an incredible rate. The bugs start off as black almost roach like creatures, but then blossom and mutate into multi-colored winged versions of their former selves, the size of basketballs and begin flying everywhere. No one in the room notices except me. -JW


Diary Entry -December 31st 1999

I had this dream about the end of the world. I was in a huge metropolis. Everyone was out and about, parks and bars filled with people laughing, waiting for the turn of the century. Suddenly, it's announced on the news that those in the first timezone to experience midnight, have disappeared from the reach of any communication. Hour by hour, this happens, time zone to time zone. Until suddenly it's 11:05 pm and I look up at the sky as if becomes dark, and filled with a grey substance like clouds, but descending down toward us. As it drops slowly people scream in panic, have religious conversions and violent outbursts, I'm looking for a friendly face, anyone to hold as my life, our lives are about to be taken away. It's 11:55 pm and the dark grey cloud fills the entire sky and now looks like steel wool or almost metal snakes intertwining. Just as it turns midnight, it swallows us all and I wake up screaming. -JW

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