June 27th, 2007 - Photographer Nicky Watts has her new website up and the shazariffic Jennifer Brown has a
fashion show this friday



May 13th, 2007. Inpatient Artworks is now offering freelance videography and editing services.


April 20th, 2007.  "Nether" will be appearing at the  MovieSide Film Fest at the Music Box Theatre, June 7th. 

Short films by Usama Alshaibi & Bobby Conn, Chris Hefner, Lilli Carre, Matt Marsden,
Hank Henry, Jason Sandri, Shana East, Arthur Jones, Raymond Salvatore
Harmon, Rusty Nails, Patrick Cheng, Random Touch, Aaron Augenblick, Jeffrey
Stjules, Ray Harryhausen and more.

Live Music Performance by Aleks and the Drummer

9pm - Chuck Statler: New Wave Video Pioneer
Movieside Anniversary with Chuck Statler - The Man Behind the Music Videos
$8 - June 7, 2007 at the Music Box Theatre (3733 N. Southport Ave., Chicago, IL).

Also, check out
Vesna's website for updates.


April 3rd, 2007. "From the Letters of Raleigh F. Renfield," the ongoing experimental videoblog
now has its own page here.


March 3rd, 2007. Watch the Trailer for "the Drparture" by Frank Tamas.


Febuary 17th, 2007.  An overdue update, five films: "Bath," "Nether," "Lethologica 301.83," "The Departure," and
"The Haircut" have been added to the Films page.


Febuary 6th, 2007. Yesterday was the premiere of "The Departure" by Frank Tamas at Group 312. The film stars Dave Prouty
and Dan Filowitz. Dan is also the co-writer of a play currently showing

That Much Mentioned Brilliance
Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm
through February 10
Stage Left Theatre
3408 N. Sheffield Ave.

Tickets are $15, or $10 for students
Call 773.680.9736 for tickets or book online at our web site:

He also maintains a blog here.

Look for stills from "The Departure"
and his other short "The Haircut" to be uploaded soon.
Also "Grave" is now available on youtube here.



January 6th 2007. Happy New Year.  A friendly announcement, Open Mic night at
Ennui every Monday. 6981 N. Sheridan Ave. 7-9 pm.




December 4th 2006. "Lethologica 301.83" has been completed. A 15 min experimental short by Joseph Witkowski,
music and camera by Frank Tamas and featuring Katie Wall.    Frank is currently shooting "The Departure."



November 9th 2006.  Movies are now being uploaded to my Youtube account



June 16th 2006. "Solid State" premieres at the Peter Jones Gallery. There has been an update in the films section and
look for  two more updates for shorts "Nether" and "Bath."



April 13th 2006 "Marigold" has been added to fim page and "Mobius Redux" will be playing at the Abby Pub in the
"Really Short Film Festial"

Saturday April 22nd 2006
The Abbey Pub
3420 W. Grace St. Chicago, IL 60618 (at Elston Ave)
What time:
Doors open at 7PM show starts at 8PM
How much:
$10 in advance. $12 at the door.

3 Minute Dates
Every 30 Seconds
From The Burp To The Wallet
Mobius Redux
Overtime Boogaloo
Silver Atlas
Suspension Of Nourishment
Talking Dead
Teenage Superhero Pregnancy Scare
The Fix
Zoom Suit

This year they are are featuring performance art by
The Devil Dolls and music by Beatallica.


   March 30th 2006

To anyone who would like . .  a screening for "Group 312 films" is this Monday April 3rd at 8:30
@ Hotti Biscotti 3545 W Fullerton Ave

There will be many shorts (hopefully) and
plenty of drinky drinky.
I will be showing my new film "Marigold"
starring the ever fabulous Jennaballoo Brown.

Hope you can make it.

    Febuary  20th 2006


Soooo..... "Mobius Redux" will be showing at the Peter Jones Gallery on Feb. 24th with Live video and Circuit Bending and other cool
stuff , show starts at 7:00. It can also be viewed on youtube along with "Saya-ate."

    January 20th 2006

Where the hell are we? Excitng news is on the way so this is just news about news. Typewriter plays January 28th at the Red Line Tap, A couple new links to friends websites, "Vigil," & "Seed" & "Solid State" are on the way, "Corpus Callosum" at Chicago's Capricon 26 and the fabulous return of Renee McGurk., now with Zen.


    August 30th. 2005

Do you ever wonder how much it would suck to be Tony Danza? Just added new Quickime clips to our list of films and
Inpatient Artworks also bids a loving farewell to Renee Mcgurk who has moved to Tennessee in order to study the local
population. We miss you . . . . Godspeed . . .  don't drink the water . . . in fact, don't touch anything down there.


    August 16th. 2005

Massive update. After completing the last 4 films: Witkowski's "Corpus Callosum" and "Mobius Redux," Renee Mcgurk's
"Doors and Windows," and Frank Tamas' "Cyber," we decided to do a complete overhaul of the site.  Inpatient Productions show regularly in Chicago with Group 312 films. Look for info both here and at their website . We will be finishing the new site over the next couple of days so stay tuned for pics and possibly some quicktime.


     July 5th, 2005

Wow . . . America's birthdays suck almost as bad as mine do. How many days a year do we need to show the world
that we're a land brimming with drunken imbeciles. Anyway. Witkowski's new film "Corpus Callosum" is complete
starring Red Hot Dan, Paul Mccomas, Janet Davis and more . . . Renee completed "Swim" and Frank's new documentary
is near completion. Look for massive updates soon. No, really.



    May 29th, 2005

Shit, this website is overdue for some updates. Okay. Look for stills from Joe Witkowski's last two
films, "Saya-ate" and "Emulsion." Renee is finnishing "Funnel of Love." and Frank Tamas' "Emergency
Exit Ramp" is also on the way. Good luck to Vesna Jovanovic for her graduation from grad school and to
Leah Barnum, first year grad school anthropology, saving the world one ignorant shmuck at a  time.


     May 2nd, 2005

Brian Wyrick and Group 312 films will be having there monthy showing of short films and wierdly enough,
it will include two shorts: "Atmosphere" by Renee McGurk and "Saya-ate" by Joseph Witkowski.
Both films shot with the exceptional help of Frank Tamas. This will be on
Monday, May 2nd at 8:30 at the Darkroom (2210 west Chicago.) Many thanks to Brian.



    April 16th, 2005

Jennifer Brown  and "Under the Root are featured in "UR Chicago" magazine. Click here for an
online view. Also, Witkowski will be finishing up his new short "Saya-Ate" hopefully within
the next couple days. 



    April 9th, 2005

Photos from red hot dan's show courtesy of Lauren E. Kwiat and Aaron Jacobson

    February 25th, 2005

    Okay so, quite a bit of chaos and disarray all around, but we may be able to keep on top of it.
Renee has just finished a video short set to the music of Joe's St. Charles ' "Typewriter". I'm also glad
to report that his public access TV show is in the works and we've been doing some video work with him. We
shall keep you as updated a as we can on zat projekt! Red Hot Dan will be having a art exhibition at the
Darkroom (2210 west Chicago) on March 13th and Joe Witkowski will behaving a photography exhibition
at the Echo Gallery, on March 19th.  Frank is finishing principal photography and sound on "Vigil." and
will hopefully have some pics up soon. Oh. . . plus rampant unemployment and poverty litter our lives and
make us pray for death.  Rock on Chicago, rock on London. Wheaties, breakfast of champions. -JW

    January 10th 2005

Happy New Year, boy did that last one suck . . . anywhooo. Principle Photography on Frank Tamas'
short film "Vigil" is nearing completion and look for a major update on his website. Witkowski is still writing "Lethologica"
and Renee and Jenn Brown are conspiring for an Under the Root catalog.

We hope to score some new equipment so the shoots go easier. -JW

    November 5th 2004

Gosh darn, it's been awhile. So, where are we? That moronic fascist fiscally irresponsible nitwit is back
in the whitehouse. Vietnam II is in full swing. My Canadian immigration papers are almost here and
"PATCHWORK COVE"  the new short film from Inpatient Artworks is near completion. Yippy Kiyeh!


    September 13, 2004

We Need Raw Meat!

We started putting out flyers for casting. We have three films in the works and we need
thespians willing to do any amount of insane shit for the greater glory of flim! Please feel free
to e-mail info to any of us here at inpatient blah-blah. -JW

    September 2, 2004

  I've finished a rough treatment of my new feature "Halo Effect."  According to E L Thorndike,
the definition of halo effect is: "The extension of an overall impression of a person (or one
particular outstanding trait) to influence the total judgment of that person. The effect is to
evaluate an individual high on many traits because of a belief that the individual is high on
one trait..."   Filming will begin September 19th.  I am also working on another script for a short
film temporarily called Pinocchio. -RM

Joe is out of town and I'm getting a ton of shit done.

   August 11th 2004

  Renee has begun post production on "Cheap Ass." "Grave" has found dvd format however, I'm
hoping Frank can tweek the soundtrack a bit. Actually, he's busting his ass so "tweeked" is the
wrong word. I added a new short story to the liquid system archive: Sandcastle. And I added
some new links. -JW


    August 1st 2004

   We just finished  all the principle photography and editing for GRAVE. There is still some soundtrack
work to be done but it finally feels like a finished project, We are hoping to have some public viewing but
for the moment its trapped on the computer. We've updated the website with some more photography but
we still haven't compressed the video files enough. Work in progress. -JW

here are some stills from GRAVE.



    July 23th 2004

   So our lease is up in a month and we've need to decide if we are staying in the Rogers Park
or moving to a new area of the city. We've thinking about the Irving Park/Ravenswood area.
We've added some links to the links page and are trying to make the sit more accessible to older
versions of Netscape Navigator.

The documentary "The Corporation" was brilliant, very inspiring and I believe wil be the first DVD
in this new style of visual-based megatexts. They also has a website with an awesome links page.


I don't know if a walking monkey helps the progress of civilization. Though, it might
help Ricardo Montelbon's career. -JW

    June 30th 2004

I've got a little piece of my daily routine to share tonight.  I went out to get cigarettes tonight and got some friendly
advice from an older gentleman.  "Hey little lady, you shouldn't be walking in the street at night people can't see you
(you should be over on the sidewalk with me).  Thanks friendly neighbor. RM

Joe printed pictures of a spleen today.


     June 29th 2004

Just added Jennifer Brown and Red Hot Dan's pages to the site. They are temporary until we
start working on their independent permanent sites. Renee has been shooting for "Under the Root" in the last
couple days. Production of "Grave" continues. Vesna Jovanovic is back for the summer and we began story-
boarding a medical comedy. Renee's also working on her next feature "Sleeping Beauty" while editing
"Cheap Ass." Renee's trying to get a fire under her ass. She needs a new job.

Busy Busy

If you get a chance, Jason Hoffman and Bionic Rat are playing at Subterranean
(2011 North Ave., at Damen and Milwaukee intersection, second floor) tonight.

Oh. . . found some guy sleeping under our back stairwell. That was a sweet hello. -JW

     June 26th 2004

Website design continues at a turtle's pace but with hutzpah. We are all stressed out and
underpaid. I (JW) feel as if I've become a narcoleptic. Plans keep circulating about ex-patriating
to some Eastern Block shithole so that we can live out the rest of our days speaking Belgian
while the the U.S. finaly reaches it's nuclear boiling point. I've recently made a commitment that if
the Bush administration gains a second term by rigging this election as well, I'm out of here
in a year, no questions, no regrets.

The sad fact that the largest protests against this fucked up war have been happening outside
our borders, when suspiciously, the U.S. is the land offering the most diversity and freedom of
speech. I've never been more sure of an empire's end than of this one. Perhaps Kerry will win and
the world will be appeased for a little while longer but there is no way in hell that this massive
concentration of wealth and resources can sustain against the poor of the world. Problem is . .
artists tend to go up against the wall alongside the lawyers when revolutions happen, and we
genarally feel a sense of suicide in our work.

Renee is currently editing "Cheap Ass" and I'm gonna be shooting  the second half of  "Grave"
hopefully in the the next two weeks. We are hopeing for a November show for their premieres. -JW


     June 13th 2004

It appears that I and possibly Renee and Annie McGurk will be appearing in the
Flat Iron's summer show. Here's the flyer.


Kick Ass.  We may split a wall to save money. Plus I have to take off work.

Hopefully it wll be joyful. -JW

     June 11th 2004

Wow, Reagan is finally dead. Or at least someone finally noticed. I can't fucking believe how
a politician of such horrifying tenacity and cruelty is getting revered like a saint. This
weekend is going to suck, it will be like a Princess Diana thing, or maybe like Kennedy Jr.

I found this cool link to a page about Duchasse

Our production man Frank Tamas has been scoring us some freelance stuff but all and
all we're still pretty isolated. Rogers Park can get that way. Plus I've never experienced
any really familial community amongst filmmakers in Chicago. Not that we qualify as
filmmakers. At the moment it's all experimentation.

Oh, Check out Guy Maddin's "The Saddest Music in the World." Fuckin Brilliant. -JW

    June 6th 2004

Found one of fav pics today-

we's all gunna die!

This is the kind of crap I would do at this downtown photolab I worked at, since we never
had any work to do because I was running the place out of business with tardiness and a
surly attitude toward the customers. Kind of shot myself in the paycheck there. -JW


     June 5nd 2004.

We began filming of Renee McGurk's first short film today. The tentative title is "Cheap Ass,"
stars yours truley and Frank Tamas. A couple of small animals were injured in the production but hey . .
plenty of that to go around. I personally found my first time in front of the camera degrading and
nauseating. Hopefully that will come through in the performance.

We are currently setting up for three seperate short films. If anyone
is looking for screen time for acting experience or is just a plain old exhibitionist,
feel free to e-mail some info. -JW


    June 1st 2004.

Greetings . . Welcome to the Inpatient Artworks website launched June 1st 2004. This beings our
first website and having been robbed of technological expertise for large portions of our lives please
excuse any glitches, irritaing mistakes, spelling errors or viruses you may encounter during your visit. Our web
master is currently in rehab and should be on her feet by the end of the month. Meanwhile, this section
of the site will contain frequent postings of events, links, inquiries, casting calls, gallery shows, lacrosse
tournements, . . . .all manner of fascinating news for anyone within the sound our voices. Thanks for
the visit. -JW

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