January 1976, Summertown TN 
Loyola University 1994-1999
Truman College 1999-2000
Northwestern University 2000-2002
Biology, Philosophy, Photography
Gallery Shows:
November 2003 Unnatural Habits Transmission Gallery Chicago
March 2004  Addictive Skin Chase Café

April 2004 Transmission Gallery

Digital Films:
May 2004 Started filming for Army Brother documentary
August 2004 Cheap Ass
September 2004 Halo Effect (incomplete)
February 2005 Down and Out
March 2005 Beach
March 2005 Started work on Seed script
April 2005 Funnel of Love
April 2005 Dave and Lisa's Wedding
May 2005 Atmosphere
May 2005 Completed videography and editing on the 1st episode of
Typewriter Presents: Wonderland and the Events Preceding the Prince of Darkness Pageant
June 2005 Swim
July 2005 Doors and Windows
May 2006 Bath

Artistic Collaborators:

Click above photographs to visit the artist's websites. From left to right: Joe Witkowski, Frank Tamas, Jennifer Brown, Joe St. Charles, Robb Shakespeare, Annie McGurk.

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