I grapple with a compulsion to subdivide whole perceptual experiences, i.e. sound and vision or people and landscape, and then graft them back together in a way that calls attention to the fission and fusion at play. By the same compulsion, I bring together elements from various, often dissimilar sources in hopes of creating unfamiliar moods and abstract journeys. Deconstructing the norm allows me push subjective connections and reorganize reality more to my liking. Or, as I'm fond of saying about nearly everything, to customize.

The filmmaking process for me starts with a concept, which may or may not include pre-visualization. Then, like a collage consisting of one-half common household items and another half scavenger hunt digs, I piece it together. This method is not too dissimilar from editing archival footage, only I shoot everything myself.

Future Projects:
I have to admit that if great or good actors were available to me, I'd be more inclined to create more realistic, traditional, psychologically-driven narratives. Still, like the death video in The Ring, the student film in May , and the ice skating fantasy flashbacks in In the Cut , I'd retain some abstract portions.

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