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Down and Out


Experimental digital video set to the electronic music of the Chicago-based group Typewriter.  This three-minute piece is a visual accompaniment to the Typewriter song "Down and Out in America."   The song itself samples audio tracks from a documentary film about farmers entitled Down and Out in America.

The interlacing of three visual tracks creates a conscious or subconscious expressionistic rendering of the song.  Down and Out involves two characters simulating Tourettes-like symptoms overlaying a police car scouring the streets of Chicago.  The use of behavioral complexity, hand-held camera work and compositing in the visual tracks corresponds to the increasing intensity of the audio track.

Cast (In order of appearance)

Annie McGurk
Matt Aiken
Kevin Lehanka

Soundtrack:  Typewriter "Down and Out in America"

Cinematography:  Renee McGurk

Lighting:  Renee McGurk and Joseph Witkowski

Equipment:  Sony DCR-TRV900 NTSC MiniDV Handycam.

Lights:  flashlight, 100 Watt Lamp

Renee McGurk 2005

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